Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Training

Ok.  So I’ve broken down and signed myself up for training. Living with a runner, especially one as devoted as Kevin, almost makes it mandatory.  I am in training to run a half marathon. The same half that Kevin ran last year in Hawaii. I mean, if I am going to train to run some long distance, I am going to make the journey worth my while, and Hawaii is definitely that!
The class I signed up for started on May 22 but my first day was last Sunday,  June 5th. This class is actually training to run a 15K (9 mile) race on July 10th.  Class is over after the race. I'll have to come up with a new plan for training after that race, but at least I will be running 9 miles at that point!
So, on Sunday, my first day of class, I left at 4:45am to get down to Dallas by 5:15 for the 6 mile long run which was to start at 5:30. It’s dark at 5:30am. Did I mention that I am not a morning person?! Too early.

Run On at 5:15 in the morning. This is crazy!

So, I’m there at 5:15 with time to find my coach and stretch. And, I find my coach, and she tells me then that my group doesn't leave till 6am. So, now, I have PLENTY of time to stretch! Maybe even take a nap in my car! I can tell you that next week, I will be spending that extra 30min in my bed!
And, of course, just like almost every first day of school I have ever had, I get called out for something. Who knew that music was not allowed! I sure didn’t! Not until one of the male coaches spots my ipod and headphones and scolds me, ...rather loudly.  Did I mention that I am a sensitive soul?   So embarrassing.

here I am looking a bit apprehensive before the run and sporting the outlawed paraphernalia

The Sunday run went well. Actually, I didn’t miss my ipod too much. Kevin told me I wouldn’t. I actually found that the time went by pretty quickly.  That wasn’t due to me losing track of time because of the great conversations we were having as a group. I am not a big talker. But I think it was just due to the group dynamic where you have that pressure to keep up with the group and the group gives you extra energy that you might not find on your own.

The Next group run was to be this last Tuesday. The weekday runs are in my neighborhood, a big selling point for me. I was told these started at 5:30. I drive in at 5:20 and all the runners seem to be headed out. There are a couple of ladies still around when I walk up and I ask them if that would have been my group that just left. Yep…it was. They start at 5:15. (Surely, I am going to get something right with this soon!) So, since it is now about 4 minutes later and I know I will never catch them much less know which direction they went since it is so dark and I can't see them anymore,  I just go to the gym and do my 4 miles on the treadmill….with my music J!
Then today, I finally got the time right….5:15 start. We did 4.3 miles today.  It felt good and the time and miles flew by. That is a good sign.
Right now, I think I may be able to do this…

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Live on a Saturday night

Watching Kerri Arista perform live tonight! Always fun as she is amazing. In the photo she is singing "One of these days" and right now she is singing "Not enough time", two of my favs. Thanks for having a beautiful talent Kerri.