Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reality check

Ok. Kevin got up this morning looking pretty good and ready to represent Team Luke's and hoping to run a sub 3 race today. Looking pretty fit and in good spirits at 4:30am I must say!

Go Kev!!

But OMG! He ran a 2:54:36! Better than what we all were expecting!!  Especially given Kevin's physical state the last few weeks with cracked ribs from a fall and a sore calf and a pulled hamstring....I was really just hoping that he didn't have to pull out of the race myself, but no.....he smashed that sub 3 goal (and hope)  to bits!!!

And Team Luke's did great! Actually they did Awesome! 

Andrew Cook - 2:20:33

Brian Schmidt - 2:43:26
Becky Angeles - 2:44:13 (Olympic Trials Qualification!!)

Michael Agulair - 2:44:16
Stuart White - 2:45:14
Kevin - 2:54:36
Cak Grant - 3:00:58

Here are some photos of Team Luke's. Way to go team!!!

Kev looking very Usane Boltish at mile 10!

Brian gets direction from JC

Becky tearing it up and Michael is on her heels

Looks like a second place age group pace for Stuart

Kevin heeds JC's revelation

Saturday, December 3, 2011

California dreamin

Yes...and on such a winter's day!
Kevin is running the California International marathon tomorrow in Sacramento.
We arrived this afternoon and were a bit surprised to see that the winds that were so brutal this week in California seem to still be blowing pretty strong.

However the forecast says they should completely diminish by the morning and the weather looks to be sunny with cold temps...pretty good for runners.
Did I mention, or do I even have to for all those we left behind in Big D, that the weather back home basically sucks. All our friends who are running the white rock half or full marathon, we so feel for you. Hoping that the forecasters get it wrong and that cold front does not come through till after the race. We wish you good luck for a good race!
We just had Thai for dinner. By now you know the food routine I am sure :).

And now Kevin is stretching and getting ready for hopefully a good nights rest. His morning starts at 4:15. Mine....maybe at 6:30. Oh the life of a cheerleader!

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