Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reality check

Ok. Kevin got up this morning looking pretty good and ready to represent Team Luke's and hoping to run a sub 3 race today. Looking pretty fit and in good spirits at 4:30am I must say!

Go Kev!!

But OMG! He ran a 2:54:36! Better than what we all were expecting!!  Especially given Kevin's physical state the last few weeks with cracked ribs from a fall and a sore calf and a pulled hamstring....I was really just hoping that he didn't have to pull out of the race myself, but no.....he smashed that sub 3 goal (and hope)  to bits!!!

And Team Luke's did great! Actually they did Awesome! 

Andrew Cook - 2:20:33

Brian Schmidt - 2:43:26
Becky Angeles - 2:44:13 (Olympic Trials Qualification!!)

Michael Agulair - 2:44:16
Stuart White - 2:45:14
Kevin - 2:54:36
Cak Grant - 3:00:58

Here are some photos of Team Luke's. Way to go team!!!

Kev looking very Usane Boltish at mile 10!

Brian gets direction from JC

Becky tearing it up and Michael is on her heels

Looks like a second place age group pace for Stuart

Kevin heeds JC's revelation

Saturday, December 3, 2011

California dreamin

Yes...and on such a winter's day!
Kevin is running the California International marathon tomorrow in Sacramento.
We arrived this afternoon and were a bit surprised to see that the winds that were so brutal this week in California seem to still be blowing pretty strong.

However the forecast says they should completely diminish by the morning and the weather looks to be sunny with cold temps...pretty good for runners.
Did I mention, or do I even have to for all those we left behind in Big D, that the weather back home basically sucks. All our friends who are running the white rock half or full marathon, we so feel for you. Hoping that the forecasters get it wrong and that cold front does not come through till after the race. We wish you good luck for a good race!
We just had Thai for dinner. By now you know the food routine I am sure :).

And now Kevin is stretching and getting ready for hopefully a good nights rest. His morning starts at 4:15. Mine....maybe at 6:30. Oh the life of a cheerleader!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Myth: Running is a non-contact sport

I made plenty of contact with the pavement on my last run!


5 miles into my 7 mile run and the sidewalk came up to meet me. But I finished my run and am lucky to have walked away with just a big welp on my shoulder and knee and just a little soreness all around.

Thinking about going back to yoga instead :)

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Half Marathon....check

On Saturday we ran with Dean Karnazas and Bart Yasso at a 5k fun run. Then we went to the expo and got a photo op with Dean. In the line to meet Dean, there was a guy from San Antonio who was right in front of us. He asked if we could take his picture when he got up there and of course we did. Following suit, I turned around and asked the couple behind us if they could take a picture of Kevin and I with Dean when we got up there and of course, they said yes. I should have known, when the older man took the camera and his wife said "A good picture dear, she said a GOOD picture" that maybe, there might be an issue....He took a few for us when we got up there.....this was the best of the bunch! LOL

Hanging loose with Dean

Next day, Sunday, the race was on. The race started at 6am. We got up at 4:20 got ready and Kevin ran the 1.3 miles from our hotel to the start as a warmup.....I took the shuttle...

Everyone at the start was in such a good mood. I mean, if you think about it, they all either live in Hawaii (nice) or they are on vacation here in Hawaii (more nice). The weather was perfect, low 70s.

Start was great and the course was very nice. It was hilly, which is what I had been worried about, but it wasn't too bad. I think I had anticipated it to be so much worse which in the end probably helped me get through it a little easier.

Kevin met me around mile 12.7, very close to the end and snapped some photos. Nice scenary!

Close to the finish!

Bringing it home oceanside

I finished the half in 2:31. Happy to have ran (I mean jogged) the whole way and happy to have finished. BUT....the big winner was Kevin (of course!). He brought it in in 1:27:..! Over all winner in his age group and 13th over all and a new PR for the half! Amazing! Keep it going Kevin! You definitely have it in you!

Rockin the Kauai Half!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Back on track and close to reaching the goal

I was out for 2 weeks with my big toe issue. I couldn't get a running shoe on during that time. After a lot of pain which led to a second visit to the doctor and a second course of antibiotics and antiseptics, the area where she ripped off my big toe nail finally healed and I finally got to run again on Aug 3rd. Thank goodness! Oh, and btw, the flowers Kevin gave me did wilt before my toe got (I think I jinxed myself on that one!)

Since then, training has been going pretty well. I signed up with Run On again and have been doing my weekly runs at 5:15 am (in 90 degree weather) and my weekend run at 6am on Sundays. Believe it or not, I now enjoy not listening to music while running, especially in the morning hours when it can be so calm with all the silence and darkness. Kevin, you were right.

Now my race approaches. My half is only days away and I am anxious and excited!

Happier feet

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Half marathon training stalled

So, I haven't blogged about my training much since I started but things have been going pretty well. I ran a long 8 miles in Oregon on the beach. I've run 9 miles a couple of times including the 15k race in Dallas, in July, appropriately called "Too Hot To Handle". And I ran 10 miles around White Rock lake just last Saturday!

I know they are not pretty toes. Even less so now!

My toes that had been giving me quite a few issues and pain just became painful all the time. I went to the foot doctor and she said my right big toe nail had an infection (I know.....soooooo gross) and should come off so that I could have a better chance of pain free training sooner than later. Don't worry, it is suppose to grow back 9 months!!

So, here I am, all bandaged up, feeling new and different pain, with no running since last Saturday, and uncertain when I'll get back to it. Kevin brought me flowers though which was very sweet. Hopefully I'll be running again before they wilt away.

Knock on wood and cross your fingers (no toes please)....
Thanks honey!

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

In Training

Ok.  So I’ve broken down and signed myself up for training. Living with a runner, especially one as devoted as Kevin, almost makes it mandatory.  I am in training to run a half marathon. The same half that Kevin ran last year in Hawaii. I mean, if I am going to train to run some long distance, I am going to make the journey worth my while, and Hawaii is definitely that!
The class I signed up for started on May 22 but my first day was last Sunday,  June 5th. This class is actually training to run a 15K (9 mile) race on July 10th.  Class is over after the race. I'll have to come up with a new plan for training after that race, but at least I will be running 9 miles at that point!
So, on Sunday, my first day of class, I left at 4:45am to get down to Dallas by 5:15 for the 6 mile long run which was to start at 5:30. It’s dark at 5:30am. Did I mention that I am not a morning person?! Too early.

Run On at 5:15 in the morning. This is crazy!

So, I’m there at 5:15 with time to find my coach and stretch. And, I find my coach, and she tells me then that my group doesn't leave till 6am. So, now, I have PLENTY of time to stretch! Maybe even take a nap in my car! I can tell you that next week, I will be spending that extra 30min in my bed!
And, of course, just like almost every first day of school I have ever had, I get called out for something. Who knew that music was not allowed! I sure didn’t! Not until one of the male coaches spots my ipod and headphones and scolds me, ...rather loudly.  Did I mention that I am a sensitive soul?   So embarrassing.

here I am looking a bit apprehensive before the run and sporting the outlawed paraphernalia

The Sunday run went well. Actually, I didn’t miss my ipod too much. Kevin told me I wouldn’t. I actually found that the time went by pretty quickly.  That wasn’t due to me losing track of time because of the great conversations we were having as a group. I am not a big talker. But I think it was just due to the group dynamic where you have that pressure to keep up with the group and the group gives you extra energy that you might not find on your own.

The Next group run was to be this last Tuesday. The weekday runs are in my neighborhood, a big selling point for me. I was told these started at 5:30. I drive in at 5:20 and all the runners seem to be headed out. There are a couple of ladies still around when I walk up and I ask them if that would have been my group that just left. Yep…it was. They start at 5:15. (Surely, I am going to get something right with this soon!) So, since it is now about 4 minutes later and I know I will never catch them much less know which direction they went since it is so dark and I can't see them anymore,  I just go to the gym and do my 4 miles on the treadmill….with my music J!
Then today, I finally got the time right….5:15 start. We did 4.3 miles today.  It felt good and the time and miles flew by. That is a good sign.
Right now, I think I may be able to do this…

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Live on a Saturday night

Watching Kerri Arista perform live tonight! Always fun as she is amazing. In the photo she is singing "One of these days" and right now she is singing "Not enough time", two of my favs. Thanks for having a beautiful talent Kerri.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cheers to Amy

My friend Amy is about to have a baby.  Amy loves wine.  And she loves cheese too! I think gouda is her favorite ;).  It's been a while since my wine loving friends and I have got to share a glass of wine with Amy but we know we will get to soon and we will get to meet little Brayden soon too! Till then, Amy,this glass is for you! Love Petra, Raegen, and Ally.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last day in Boston, time to reflect

We had such a great time here. It was stressful, with all the anticipation of the race and race preps, but it was a complete adrenaline rush with all the crowds, the race activity, and runners everywhere you went.

Even though it was cold most days we were here, we are so glad that race day was so awesome! Pretty amazing to get one great day flanked by 5 cold and wet ones, but it happened!

So, just wanted to post some of our favorite photos from the week that didn't get posted before.
Window shopping in Boston!

Love is in the Sushi!

American Idol!

Me on race day waiting for Kev at mile 18! It was a bit breezy. I had a $3 blanket (turquoise) from Walgreen's too!
Ryan Hall in the lead when we saw him at mile 18.

Crowds at the finish! Had to push my way through them!
Kev recounts the race, just minutes after his finish!
Martin and me in the cab to go to post race dinner only .8 miles away. Too long a walk for Kev at this point. He's in the front seat.

The medal!

And finally,the countdown begins for next year.....

See you then Boston.

The inspiring race...

If the Boston marathon was nothing else, it could just be a good jolt to just get you moving!

The fact that so many people run this race (just under 27000) is amazing! And most of those people (Some runners run for charity organizations) have to qualify even to run it. So, these Boston marathon runners are fast! As they say here in Boston, wicked fast runnah's!

And to that point, this year, the race was won at a time of 2:03:02...the fastest marathon time ever. But this is not considered a world record though because the course is mostly downhill. That is a pretty amazing fact too. I'm sure if you asked most runners out there, they don't believe that that course was mostly downhill!

The other thing is that on race day, the weather was the best that it has been for this race since over 100 years ago! And the race is 115 years old! Great day for a course record then! Sunny skies, cool temps and the wind at your back!

So, after the race, we went to the awards ceremony. There we saw 80+ year old men and women who had run in the race. We saw 60+ men and women who ran under 3 hours! We saw wheel chair athletes who sped by us on the course and finished with amazing times. The man and woman wheelchair race winners were from Japan. Amazing to know that they have been through so much and still have the strength to race AND win this race.

We saw Joan Benoit Samuelson, who is a past olympic gold medalist in the marathon, who at 53 ran the race in 2:51:29

We saw Kara Goucher, an elite women's runner who we read about all the time in running magazines. She just had a baby a few months ago is is back racing and winning 5th place at Boston!
Kara just getting her award
We saw Ryan Hall, an elite men's runner, who again is in all our running magazines and is the fastest american runner finishing at a time of 2:04:58!
Ryan just getting his award

And finally, my favorite finisher! Who can do no wrong really but definitely runs just right!!

Kevin already has his award ;)!

Monday, April 18, 2011

What a workout! What a day!

Ok, so how was it from the viewpoint of a spectator/cheerleader?....awesome!

Martin (Mars) and I got up at the same time as Kevin. Mars went to the buses with Kevin while I wrote my blog post this morning. He said the bus lines were amazing! They wrapped around the entire Boston Commons area! Then when Mars got back and I was done blogging, we left, hit starbucks and were on the subway to Woban, MA. Great stop for the race as there is a Starbucks right there. So, after another cup of coffee, we walked to mile 18, through a beautiful suburban neighborhood of Boston. We got to our viewing point about 9:30 and tried to stay warm for the next 2+ hours that we were going to be there before we saw Kevin (poor us). Luckily there was a drum core to entertain us the entire time and lots of people! It was awesome.

We saw the wheelchair racers, the women elite, and the male elite runners zoom past and then around 12:15 we saw Kevin!!! YAY! That was awesome! AND he saw us! Kev's on the left! Remember, orange Visor, orange tank!

THEN, OMG! to get to our next spot at mile 25! We had to haul butt to get ourselves back to the subway station that was about a mile away! Luckily, Mars is a fast runner but a patient coach and the 2 of us ran back to the subway station and got onboard a train that had only enough room left for the 2 of us and half of my curly hair (seriously, other passengers were worried that my hair would get caught in the door when it closed, lol). The subway trains were SO packed because everyone was going into Boston to watch the finish Here is a snapshot of the obstacles we faced today!!!

people on the subway

People on the streets around finish line

But, we made it and got to mile 25 with 1 minute to spare....I mean 1 minute! We saw Kevin!!! But this time he didn't see us. SOOOOOO, many people! There was no way he could see us! He's in the middle of the shot this time!

Then we made our way to the hotel as by the time we both made it there (individually as we got separated), Kevin was already over the finish and headed to the room himself! We got to meet him at the door! The Champ!

Later on, after Kev rested, and poor Mars and I got something to eat (we were famished after our hard work today), we all met up and went down for the awards ceremony. Very inspiring ceremony, very inspiring day!!!!

I'll post more on that tomorrow. We really got to see some real inspirations and some real champs. Right now, we are full and tired and the Finisher is ready for bed. So, good night for now! Thanks for all your calls, texts, posts and interest in this race!
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What a finish! What a day!

Eating dinner now, after everything is over, at Kevin's favorite Thai restaurant in Boston. Glad it's done and happy with the day! 3:01:05....what a result!

Kev says the worst part was the cramping at mile 22. He says there were 2 best parts of the day. One, was crossing the finish! And two, was the crowds, especially at Wellesley college, the girl's college in Boston. And yes, Kerri and Fermin, he did the Kev pose! But I only got to hear about it,darn it! Actually, there was another best part for him, and that was passing what we have estimated to be about 2500 people! Are you kidding me! And are you kidding me.......3:01:05!!! That's a Boston qualifier, Boston! You rock Kevin! Run Kevin Run! Next stop Fiji marathon! ( choice ;) )

Ok...enough about our guy Kev ! How was my day?

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Eye of the tiger...

4:45 wake-up call and at 5:30 Kevin is out the door. He says he's feeling good,although he didn't sleep much, if any. But he's looking good! Seems to have plenty of MOJO to go!

So, he'll catch one of the buses leaving for Hopkinton, the starting point of the race. It is 26.2 miles away as this is a one way race (there is probably a racing technical term for that :) ). They say it could be about an hour and a half journey. Then he'll hang there till about 9:15 when they start loading corrals. Race for men starts at 10. Kev will start at around 10 as he is in wave 1.

The plan for me is to get to the 16.5 mile mark and be there for 11:45 in order to see Kev arrive at around noon. Then I will high-tail it to mile 25 to see him close to finish. Better chance there then at actual finish.

He just called at 7:30. Said they made it to the start. Says its cold and windy as it is a pretty open field that they are in....for the next 2 hours. Good thing we got him that $3 blanket at Walgreen's yesterday!

Go Kevin! Go!
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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Rest day for Kevin ( and me :) ). Instead of running this morning,we got up and watched the 5k race that was on today. One of the Luke's locker Santa's helpers was out there, Julie, guess which photo is Julie...

Then we went on the bus tour again. Trying to keep Kev off his feet. Fenway Park was busier today then yesterday! Weather started clearing around 3pm, just as they predicted. YAY! for the weatherman today......

Kev went back and rested and I shopped ( what a surprise). THEN......Martin arrived! What a nice surprise!

We ate an early Thai dinner,.....I know... and off to rest and bed after that.

Everything happens tomorrow! But for now, here is what the finish line looks like...

Hope Kevin crosses it tomorrow!
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

This maybe a perfect temperature for running, but...

COME ON! It is not for most anything else!

The high today was 43 degrees with a cold wind coming from the east. And I mean COLD!

We did go for a run this morning again. Kevin ran a short 6 and I ran a LONG 3. Perspective is everything. Yesterday, it was by the Charles river. Not today. Too cold by the river so we ran up Commonwealth Ave to Boston Common which provided a bit of shelter through the very nice townhomes that are on either side of it. Winston Churchill said this Ave is the most beautiful street in America.

We stopped by the EXPO again to pick up an orange tank top for Kevin to wear on Monday as he is worried about being the only one going topless. Really, it is orange....

Pretty in pink???

After that, we went on the trolley tour of Boston.  Saw a few sites along the way and stopped for a late lunch at a Thai restaurant (What a surprise, I know) but the best part was the warm bus!

Grey skies and choppy water

Then Kevin went back to our hotel, where we found out a lot of the other top elite athletes are staying ;), to rest, and I went to Filene's. Not as big or exciting as the last time I was there,but still good.

When I got back we went for a Thai dinner...I know...

A table with a view

Now at Starbucks for hot drinks before we head out into the cool evening air again.

Good thing is that they are forecasting 60s for the next 2 days with a westerly wind for Monday which would be great for the runners. Sure hope they get this one right!

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