Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Half marathon training stalled

So, I haven't blogged about my training much since I started but things have been going pretty well. I ran a long 8 miles in Oregon on the beach. I've run 9 miles a couple of times including the 15k race in Dallas, in July, appropriately called "Too Hot To Handle". And I ran 10 miles around White Rock lake just last Saturday!

I know they are not pretty toes. Even less so now!

My toes that had been giving me quite a few issues and pain just became painful all the time. I went to the foot doctor and she said my right big toe nail had an infection (I know.....soooooo gross) and should come off so that I could have a better chance of pain free training sooner than later. Don't worry, it is suppose to grow back 9 months!!

So, here I am, all bandaged up, feeling new and different pain, with no running since last Saturday, and uncertain when I'll get back to it. Kevin brought me flowers though which was very sweet. Hopefully I'll be running again before they wilt away.

Knock on wood and cross your fingers (no toes please)....
Thanks honey!

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