Friday, September 2, 2011

Back on track and close to reaching the goal

I was out for 2 weeks with my big toe issue. I couldn't get a running shoe on during that time. After a lot of pain which led to a second visit to the doctor and a second course of antibiotics and antiseptics, the area where she ripped off my big toe nail finally healed and I finally got to run again on Aug 3rd. Thank goodness! Oh, and btw, the flowers Kevin gave me did wilt before my toe got (I think I jinxed myself on that one!)

Since then, training has been going pretty well. I signed up with Run On again and have been doing my weekly runs at 5:15 am (in 90 degree weather) and my weekend run at 6am on Sundays. Believe it or not, I now enjoy not listening to music while running, especially in the morning hours when it can be so calm with all the silence and darkness. Kevin, you were right.

Now my race approaches. My half is only days away and I am anxious and excited!

Happier feet

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  1. those toes look pretty enough for hawaii for sure! maybe it's time to make a toe ring at sparkle charm inc. ?!?!?!
    good luck- i know you'll do great. so proud of you!!!