Saturday, April 14, 2012

Boston swag!

So today we went to the expo. This year is was a bit farther away than last. We took the T here in Boston and had to change a couple of times. But got there with ALL the other runners! OMG! So busy. We both picked up our packets - if you didn't know I am running the 5k on Sunday (what??? I know...a 5k). Kev's packet pickup was in the front, and mine was in the very back of the convention center, I mean the VERY back!...fair enough right???

We got our stuff and walked around. This expo is huge and full of so much stuff you want!

Here is what we walked away with...

New orange marathon jacket for Kev, blue finisher tshirt for Kev, black souvenir tshirt for Kev, marathon visors for kev,pink socks for me (YAY!) and sunscreen for all! (we are gonna need it).

I did get a tshirt for my race but it is a bit big :(. I'm not sure if I'll wear it but I so wanted too...

Ran in Boston and all I got was this baggy tshirt! LOL!

My race is in the morning...easy peasy stuff. Looking forward to it!

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