Friday, April 13, 2012

Deja vu.......Round 2

Well, here we are again in Boston!

We've both trained quite a bit - more than quite a bit for Kevin - and we've run a few races since my last posts from the Sacramento CIM.
Kev came in 1st in his age group at the Trinity river run 5k (what??? A 5k....slacker!) in Dallas. Then we both ran the 15k Gate river run in Jacksonville, FL with my brother Mike in March. PR for me and Kev both! Then we both ran the Rock n Roll half in Dallas first of April. PR for both again and Kev was 5th in his age group and 38th overall. 38th out of around 11000!
And now back in Boston for Kevin's 2nd attempt at this race.
So, we arrived to BEAUTIFUL weather, sailboats on the bay and tourists all around which hints to the 80 degree weather forecast for Monday. I love it! But pretty warm for a marathon...
View from room...sunny skies...

Anyway, had dinner at a favorite sushi place tnite and had a great waitress named Nan. She is from Thailand. Told her that visiting Thailand is on our bucket list. I think we are going to have to find a race there for Kevin to run!
Naan (a fan) and Kevin:

Ok, till tomorrow...

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