Sunday, April 15, 2012


It was a 5k though......but it was great! Great day for a short fast race! All the elites walked away with course records and I walked away with a PR of 28:52! Felt great.

However, my cheerleader was a little slacking in the cheerleader dept. He never saw me! He was at Starbucks. He did manage to snap this photo at the start of the race......OF THE ELITES!!

Can I just say what, WHAT?? Hellooo!!! Not in that group! I'm just a jogger, remember!

Kevin, just leave the cheerleading to me!

After that excitement, we met up with Kevin's friend and fellow runner Jim and his wife Adele. Nice brunch...on the the sun. And then they were off to Fenway park to see the red sox and Kev was off to our room to put up his feet, and I was off to shop!

Kev and I met up later for Thai food at the same place we ate last night (you know Kevin....why change things that are working).

And then we came back for an early night to rest for what is going to be a grueling day tomorrow!

Temp forecasted to be a high of 87F! When Kev starts its to be around 71 and when he finishes, 81. Tough, tough weather for running a marathon! He has managed to change his mindset on this race now and the goal is to finish and finish safely. Thank goodness for that!

I will head out to meet him around mile 17 and then head back into Boston to see him at mile 25. But the best part of the day will be just to see him feeling ok after the race.

Good luck to ALL the runners tomorrow, extra good luck to Jim and Kevin. Can't wait to see all cross that finish line! Xoxox

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