Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Survival. The name of the game this Marathon Monday

What a tough day today for all the runners. Man I feel for all of them that attempted the run on Monday. And I respect all that took the offered deferrment till next year. And I appreciate the fact the the Boston Marathon organizers took that step to help combat as many unnecessary health incidents as possible. It was a brutal day in Boston.

Kevin and I had been talking about his strategy for a couple of days before the race. Kevin changed his strategy from trying to beat last year's time to making it more like a training run and staying healthy. My strategy for him was just to come back to me.

After Kevin left on Monday morning, I chased him starting at mile 17. Once again I took the T out to Woban station, got my starbucks there, and then trekked about a mile to get to the race route. I walked that mile and sweated the entire way. While waiting for Kev, standing in the sun, it was all I could do to think about the sunscreen I sent away with Kevin (rightfully so) and that I was now so missing! So all of this said, I could only stand back and imagine what it was like for the runners on this very warm New England day.

The thing about the Boston Marathon is that there is a definite comaradarie felt between runners, spectators, and runners and spectators. And I love that atmosphere that just encompasses this race. While at mile 17, I met a group of ladies waiting for their runner and they were so nice to me. When I was standing with my poster with "Run Kevin Run" emblazoned on it, and the bottle of gatorade that Kevin had sent with me to hand him just in case he needed it, and my phone so that I could snap a picture when he got to me, I asked one of the girls if she could just help me out and just snap the picture with my phone and she was right there ready to help. She got an awesome picture! Thanks stranger girl!!!

Kevin looking REALLY strong and healthy at mile 17

Once he went by, I got all my gear together and ran that mile back down to the station and made it on the train. Just like last year, the train was packed! But people were just so nice and made space for me to get on. I met a couple of girls that were following their boyfriends/Husbands and we got off together at Kenmore station (mile 25) and waited for all of them (including Kevin) to come by. Yep we managed to see them all! Kevin looked like his hamstring was a bit stiff but I knew he was going to make it to the finish line with no issue and that was comforting.

Mile 25...a bit slower pace...

Once Kevin and I met up after the race, I was shocked! He looked in such better shape than last year! He was ready for starbucks and seemed to be feeling pretty good (I honestly thought he might have been a bit delirious!). 

Kevin at starbucks after the race! Looking pretty good!

Once we got back to our room, there was a surprise for Kevin from his team at Luke's Locker! They had sent Champagne and 2 cards. One card read "I had a great race! (Open this)". The other card read "That race sucked! (open this)". Kevin immediately went for the "I had a great race!" card. That said a lot. He felt great! 3:07 was his time on Monday. And that is AWESOME for a race like this on a day like that!!

Kev's Dallas peeps sending best wishes....

To end the day, we had Thai with Jim and Adele and her nephew Frem who is graduating from Harvard in May. Very nice dinner and I am sure we will all get together again in Dallas. I know Kevin and Jim will be seeing each other soon as they will be off to run again together sometime this week!

The madness never ends!!

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