Monday, April 18, 2011

Eye of the tiger...

4:45 wake-up call and at 5:30 Kevin is out the door. He says he's feeling good,although he didn't sleep much, if any. But he's looking good! Seems to have plenty of MOJO to go!

So, he'll catch one of the buses leaving for Hopkinton, the starting point of the race. It is 26.2 miles away as this is a one way race (there is probably a racing technical term for that :) ). They say it could be about an hour and a half journey. Then he'll hang there till about 9:15 when they start loading corrals. Race for men starts at 10. Kev will start at around 10 as he is in wave 1.

The plan for me is to get to the 16.5 mile mark and be there for 11:45 in order to see Kev arrive at around noon. Then I will high-tail it to mile 25 to see him close to finish. Better chance there then at actual finish.

He just called at 7:30. Said they made it to the start. Says its cold and windy as it is a pretty open field that they are in....for the next 2 hours. Good thing we got him that $3 blanket at Walgreen's yesterday!

Go Kevin! Go!
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  1. yes- just looking on line to try to follow it and it mentioned cold and windy but said with the sun coming up and the wind dying down it will feel better soon...

    yay!!!! kevin!!!!!

  2. did you make the nametag that said kev? where's the "s"???

  3. GO Kevin......wish I could be there to root you on