Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The inspiring race...

If the Boston marathon was nothing else, it could just be a good jolt to just get you moving!

The fact that so many people run this race (just under 27000) is amazing! And most of those people (Some runners run for charity organizations) have to qualify even to run it. So, these Boston marathon runners are fast! As they say here in Boston, wicked fast runnah's!

And to that point, this year, the race was won at a time of 2:03:02...the fastest marathon time ever. But this is not considered a world record though because the course is mostly downhill. That is a pretty amazing fact too. I'm sure if you asked most runners out there, they don't believe that that course was mostly downhill!

The other thing is that on race day, the weather was the best that it has been for this race since over 100 years ago! And the race is 115 years old! Great day for a course record then! Sunny skies, cool temps and the wind at your back!

So, after the race, we went to the awards ceremony. There we saw 80+ year old men and women who had run in the race. We saw 60+ men and women who ran under 3 hours! We saw wheel chair athletes who sped by us on the course and finished with amazing times. The man and woman wheelchair race winners were from Japan. Amazing to know that they have been through so much and still have the strength to race AND win this race.

We saw Joan Benoit Samuelson, who is a past olympic gold medalist in the marathon, who at 53 ran the race in 2:51:29

We saw Kara Goucher, an elite women's runner who we read about all the time in running magazines. She just had a baby a few months ago is is back racing and winning 5th place at Boston!
Kara just getting her award
We saw Ryan Hall, an elite men's runner, who again is in all our running magazines and is the fastest american runner finishing at a time of 2:04:58!
Ryan just getting his award

And finally, my favorite finisher! Who can do no wrong really but definitely runs just right!!

Kevin already has his award ;)!

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