Monday, April 18, 2011

What a finish! What a day!

Eating dinner now, after everything is over, at Kevin's favorite Thai restaurant in Boston. Glad it's done and happy with the day! 3:01:05....what a result!

Kev says the worst part was the cramping at mile 22. He says there were 2 best parts of the day. One, was crossing the finish! And two, was the crowds, especially at Wellesley college, the girl's college in Boston. And yes, Kerri and Fermin, he did the Kev pose! But I only got to hear about it,darn it! Actually, there was another best part for him, and that was passing what we have estimated to be about 2500 people! Are you kidding me! And are you kidding me.......3:01:05!!! That's a Boston qualifier, Boston! You rock Kevin! Run Kevin Run! Next stop Fiji marathon! ( choice ;) )

Ok...enough about our guy Kev ! How was my day?

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  1. so yay!!! you qualified for boston next year then!!!