Tuesday, April 12, 2011

helpful links to "watch" the Boston marathon

Here are a couple of links from the Boston Marathon website. The site is pretty overloaded so runs a bit slow in my opinion so hopefully, this info will save you some of the trouble of going there.

First of all, Kevin's bib number is 5669.

If you want to track him via emails or text messages, click here to get full directions from the baa.org site. Basically if you want to get text messages, then just text RUNNER to 345678. They will then respond and you text back Kevin's bib number. For emails, click on the link to get more details.

So, since I am going to have quite a bit of time on my hands holding my spot at the finish line (got to get there early to get a good spot) and waiting for Kevin to come across, and since I have a new phone (YAY!), I am going to watch some of the live coverage while I wait. Here are some links:

For all the info on watching from the baa.org site, click here. It basically says that these are your options:

In the USA

TV Broadcasts:
The race will be televised live in its entirety, locally in Boston on WBZ-TV (Channel 4). Please visit http://www.cbsboston.com/, for more information and bonus coverage of the 2011 Boston Marathon.
The race will be shown nationally on Universal Sports and online at http://www.universalsports.com/

In the U.K.

The Boston Marathon is live and free-view (unencrypted) on Premier Sports TV; Sky Channel 433 at 14:30 on Monday, April 18, 2011.


  1. Kev,
    Lisa and I wish you good luck. We'll be cheering you on from afar. I've signed up for the txt alerts, so will be fun to follow your progress. Have a great time in Boston!

  2. Thanks for posting this info. It's so exciting. Kevs, we know ur gonna KICK ASS!!!