Friday, April 15, 2011


Today was all about the goods....

After a 6 mile run this morning for Kevin ( 3.5 for me), we headed to the expo to pickup Kevin's bib number and packet. First though, we stopped for some badly needed caffeine at a coffe shop called the wired puppy (Kerri, you would have loved this place!) and some lunch.

The expo was great! Lots of people, lots of vendors, and lots of stuff. The buzz was defintely on!

We saw Bart Yasso whom we met in Kauai last September. Kevin is a big fan.
They had a video that showed a car driving the entire race route, including the heartbreak hills. I think Kevin kind of got a new mind set on the race from watching that video....try not to go out too fast so you have steam for the hills.

Kevin even managed to sneak in a conference call for verizon! Which gave me time to do some shopping and create my own race essentials...

And finally, we ended the day with dinner at an "asian fusion" restaurant, room service tea, and a review of our Boston marathon souvenirs and new running gear.

Exhausted today. Wow, if that is just the "pickup your packet" day then what is Monday going to be like!!


  1. what'd you buy at the expo?!!

    and did the coffee place have VANILLA soy milk? b/c you know that is essential! :)

  2. I'm all signed up to receive texts of "kevin sitings" ! So excited for ya, Kevin! You're going to do great! ~Misti