Monday, April 18, 2011

What a workout! What a day!

Ok, so how was it from the viewpoint of a spectator/cheerleader?....awesome!

Martin (Mars) and I got up at the same time as Kevin. Mars went to the buses with Kevin while I wrote my blog post this morning. He said the bus lines were amazing! They wrapped around the entire Boston Commons area! Then when Mars got back and I was done blogging, we left, hit starbucks and were on the subway to Woban, MA. Great stop for the race as there is a Starbucks right there. So, after another cup of coffee, we walked to mile 18, through a beautiful suburban neighborhood of Boston. We got to our viewing point about 9:30 and tried to stay warm for the next 2+ hours that we were going to be there before we saw Kevin (poor us). Luckily there was a drum core to entertain us the entire time and lots of people! It was awesome.

We saw the wheelchair racers, the women elite, and the male elite runners zoom past and then around 12:15 we saw Kevin!!! YAY! That was awesome! AND he saw us! Kev's on the left! Remember, orange Visor, orange tank!

THEN, OMG! to get to our next spot at mile 25! We had to haul butt to get ourselves back to the subway station that was about a mile away! Luckily, Mars is a fast runner but a patient coach and the 2 of us ran back to the subway station and got onboard a train that had only enough room left for the 2 of us and half of my curly hair (seriously, other passengers were worried that my hair would get caught in the door when it closed, lol). The subway trains were SO packed because everyone was going into Boston to watch the finish Here is a snapshot of the obstacles we faced today!!!

people on the subway

People on the streets around finish line

But, we made it and got to mile 25 with 1 minute to spare....I mean 1 minute! We saw Kevin!!! But this time he didn't see us. SOOOOOO, many people! There was no way he could see us! He's in the middle of the shot this time!

Then we made our way to the hotel as by the time we both made it there (individually as we got separated), Kevin was already over the finish and headed to the room himself! We got to meet him at the door! The Champ!

Later on, after Kev rested, and poor Mars and I got something to eat (we were famished after our hard work today), we all met up and went down for the awards ceremony. Very inspiring ceremony, very inspiring day!!!!

I'll post more on that tomorrow. We really got to see some real inspirations and some real champs. Right now, we are full and tired and the Finisher is ready for bed. So, good night for now! Thanks for all your calls, texts, posts and interest in this race!
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  1. yay kevin! you are THE MAN.
    altho, seriously, ally and mars-- YOU guys worked your asses off! are you sore today? that spectator stuff is hard work!! i should know! :)

  2. So proud of all three of you, as well as your hair, Allyson. Glad it made it through the subway trauma. It might need it's own blog to debrief the day :O)
    Absolutely amazed at Kevin's time. So great and so fun!