Saturday, April 16, 2011

This maybe a perfect temperature for running, but...

COME ON! It is not for most anything else!

The high today was 43 degrees with a cold wind coming from the east. And I mean COLD!

We did go for a run this morning again. Kevin ran a short 6 and I ran a LONG 3. Perspective is everything. Yesterday, it was by the Charles river. Not today. Too cold by the river so we ran up Commonwealth Ave to Boston Common which provided a bit of shelter through the very nice townhomes that are on either side of it. Winston Churchill said this Ave is the most beautiful street in America.

We stopped by the EXPO again to pick up an orange tank top for Kevin to wear on Monday as he is worried about being the only one going topless. Really, it is orange....

Pretty in pink???

After that, we went on the trolley tour of Boston.  Saw a few sites along the way and stopped for a late lunch at a Thai restaurant (What a surprise, I know) but the best part was the warm bus!

Grey skies and choppy water

Then Kevin went back to our hotel, where we found out a lot of the other top elite athletes are staying ;), to rest, and I went to Filene's. Not as big or exciting as the last time I was there,but still good.

When I got back we went for a Thai dinner...I know...

A table with a view

Now at Starbucks for hot drinks before we head out into the cool evening air again.

Good thing is that they are forecasting 60s for the next 2 days with a westerly wind for Monday which would be great for the runners. Sure hope they get this one right!

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  1. wow this is really neat, I love reading all about it, love yall xoxo laurie and clayton :)