Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last day in Boston, time to reflect

We had such a great time here. It was stressful, with all the anticipation of the race and race preps, but it was a complete adrenaline rush with all the crowds, the race activity, and runners everywhere you went.

Even though it was cold most days we were here, we are so glad that race day was so awesome! Pretty amazing to get one great day flanked by 5 cold and wet ones, but it happened!

So, just wanted to post some of our favorite photos from the week that didn't get posted before.
Window shopping in Boston!

Love is in the Sushi!

American Idol!

Me on race day waiting for Kev at mile 18! It was a bit breezy. I had a $3 blanket (turquoise) from Walgreen's too!
Ryan Hall in the lead when we saw him at mile 18.

Crowds at the finish! Had to push my way through them!
Kev recounts the race, just minutes after his finish!
Martin and me in the cab to go to post race dinner only .8 miles away. Too long a walk for Kev at this point. He's in the front seat.

The medal!

And finally,the countdown begins for next year.....

See you then Boston.

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  1. hilarious photo of martin!!!

    i hope you keep up with the blog on the next trip! when you go see the fabulous BETTY!!!